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welcome tinydeal
Kingston vi aiuta a fare spazio alle foto sullo smartphone
Kingston ha annunciato la scheda di memoria microSDHC/SDXC classe 10UHS-I 90R/45W e l'adattatore DataTraveler microDuo 3.0: due accessori molto utili in vista della vacanze perché permetteranno di espandere la capacità di archiviazione di smartphone e tablet senza bisogno di connetterli a un PC. Il drive hard disk usb 260 3.0 in sostanza è un supporto che offre spazio di archiviazione aggiuntivo ai dispositivi mobile abilitati USB On-The-Go, fra cui probabilmente i vostri smartphone e tablet. In sostanza vi basterà sfruttare l'ingresso standard USB 3.0 e il connettore microUSB per collegare questo supporto direttamente ai prodotti portatili. DataTraveler microDuo espande fino a 64 GB la memoria (su Tinydeal è in vendita a 41,45 euro) di dispositivi con sistema Android e consente di trasferire file, foto, video e musica da tablet o smartphone al drive USB e viceversa. Il drive si adatta a tutti i dispositivi compatibili con gli standard USB On-The-Go e... (more)


"I've been feelin' a little confused lately . . . " " I'm headin off to KFC . . I can't stand 'Maccas!" " He said we were going walkies... " My ma, she always told me, she said ''always read the fine print!" . . . . .

Would you like to go to the shops to buy the cheap clothing
For cosmopolitan shoppers, purchasing new wearings apparel can be dearly won, thus they would also go for shops that deals inexpensive clothing or pushed aside items. You can bump them in online and offline stores that sell outstanding dresses or clothing at a toll your pocket can yield. Since you are too heedful not to spend much for shopping, you have to keep in mind that you can not pander on clothing that belongs on the top of the line ways. Purchasing inexpensive dresses or material needs a bit forfeit in terms of mode, however, the good thing is you can still get some elementary and good quality clothing at a price you can afford. You just need to know where to find them and what to consider when purchasing one. Online lands site. This is one of the easiest ways to find cheap clothing. It is as simple as using online search engines to look for cheap or discounted clothing under your favourite brand like balmain jeans. Certainly, you will be led to many internets site that offer... (more)

Solar Energy
How to properly maintain PV panels
Renewable energy resources have gained great popularity lately as people are starting to become environmentally conscious. One of the most preferred is Solar Energy. This due to the installation and maintenance cost of the solar system, the energy availability and the inexistent levels of disturbance they provide in terms of noise. We see more and more rooftops lately with big PV panels on them, wondering how they got there and how do people take care of those. Solar PV panels in fact need little to no maintenance at all compared to other systems generating energy. Basically what you have to do is wipe the panels once in a while and make sure there is nothing that could obstruct the sun radiation to hit the surface of the panels such as trees or satellite dishes. Since PV panels are usually facing south and tilted to a certain angle depending on the zone, there is a big chance that they could get cleaned by the occasional rainfall. Warm water and a mild detergent can be used... (more)

.: LifeHasBegun:.
Yeayyy dah start cuti rayaaaa...
or nay? T__T

Tatkala orang lain masih bekerja, aku dah mula bercuti hari ini. Wahhh.. awalnya. Mesti korang nak kata macam tu kan.. Tapi the reason kenapa aku nak cuti awal ialah, aku dah malam + tak der mood nak kerja. Lagipun sebab nanti tak payah la susah-susah nak bersalam bagai. Kosong-kosong dalam hati sudah la kan :) So hari ini ada banyak aktiviti nak kena buat. Yang dah settle adalah: 1. Tukar Duit = RM300 2. Servis Kereta = RM568 T_______________________T Plannya nak buat alingment and balancing sahaja. Tup-tup tengok tayar kereta dah crack bahagian dalam and ekvos leaking. T___________________T Nak tak nak memang kena buat juga la sebab raya nanti mesti nak jalan jauh. Lagipun memang dah lama tak spend dekat kereta. Mujur juga datang bawa servis awal, dapat lah kesan crack pada tayar tu. Risau ja kalau tetiba tayar tu meletup atas jalan tak pasal-pasal jaaa.. Nauzubilllah.. Antara benda yang belum settle adalah: 1. Cuci Kereta 2. Beli barang-barang buat kuih raya 3. Ambil kuih... (more)

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